March 26, 2023

“This is wrong” · TV News

Brisa’s (Lucy Alves) nightmare begins with Travisia. When the results of Tonho’s (Vicente Alvite) DNA test are ready, she discovers that she is not the biological mother of her son. At first, a woman from Maranhao will think that Ari (Chai Suede) ran a scam against her, but even Nubia (Dreca Moraes) will side with her ex-daughter-in-law, saying that she was with her at the time of the birth. Creusa (Lucy Pereira), however, fears a kidnapping charge against her daughter.

Upon receiving the exam result, Prisa will be sure that there is an error, but the doctor will be categorical: “There is nothing wrong with these results, they can repeat it as many times as they want. This child does not have your DNA, ma’am, it is not your child. If there was any exchange, it was in the maternity ward. not here”.

Surprisingly, Nubia will be next to Brisa, who will cry angrily. “The boy was born in the house, fair to say! I say I was the one who cut it!”

The hypothesis would be put forward that Ari and Guerra (Humberto Martins) had set everything up by the time they were walking together. “He must have someone he knows there who switched your exam for another, so he can take custody of the boy. It can only be that,” Marined (Flávia Reis) agrees.

The champion’s attorneys will ask the judge to retake the exam. On the other hand, Ari will have a fit of laughter when he finds out the exam result.

Creusa would suspect that this story would give her daughter many headaches. “I was really nervous about the story of Brissa’s failed DNA test. You remember that they actually accused Brissa of stealing a baby, right? They almost ended up with her there in Sao Luis because of that. I don’t know… But until that other conclusion comes along, My heart will not rest!” said Hilo (Giovanna Antonelli).

Transit will be shortened and two weeks will be missed. With low ratings and bad repercussions on social networks, the plot will end on May 5, fifteen days before the scheduled date. The saga of Brisa will give way to Terra e Paixão, the next novel by Walcyr Carrasco.

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