February 1, 2023
This mystery has baffled the entire internet.  Can you solve it?

This mystery has baffled the entire internet. Can you solve it?

The most bizarre fact that exists is that people say that Maths easy!

Just ask user PeerieBreeks who once posted a “simple” math puzzle designed for fifth graders on the Mumsnet website.🇧🇷 It is also a forum for parents of students.

This riddle has ended up with hundreds of comments on the site, many of which are adults struggling to find the right answer. Here is the riddle:

A man buys a horse for $60. Sell ​​the horse for R$ 70. Then he buys the horse again R$ 80. He sells the horse back for a fee R$ 90. In the end, how much money did the man make or lose? Or is it linked?

So, can you solve this math puzzle? Maybe it’s a bit complicated, right?

The article Of the puzzle (not the math itself), it seems to be what baffles most people.

Since the transactions in question concern the same horse, people view them as one four-part transaction – buy, sell, buy, sell.

However, the correct way to look at the problem and find the answer is to look at it as just two transactions: a man bought a horse and he sold a horse.

Responses in the Mumsnet thread ranged from winning $10 and R$20 to R$30 to a draw.

So what is the solution?

It is believed that what confuses the common people is the fact that the man sells the horse for it R$ 70 and then buy it back for R$ 80, which makes it look like you spent $10 more.

However, the correct way to solve the problem is to consider the two coefficients separately: – 60 + 70 = 10 and – 80 + 90 = 10.

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Puzzles like this require a lot of work warningto correctly interpret speech, and Leaving netizens confused.

solve the puzzle

Now that you know all this, is it easier to understand the problem and find the solution?

The correct answer then is: The man makes $10 on each sale and makes $20 in profit.

So, did you manage to solve the problem? Share your answer with us in the comments below and send this challenge to your friends!