February 6, 2023

“this selfishness”; Flamengo’s ‘Unleash the Dogs’ Ana Thys Matos live after Viter Pereira’s press conference


After the controversy surrounding Gerson, the commentator returned to show her dissatisfaction with the position adopted by Rubro Negro.

Image: Reproduction/SportTV - Anna Theis Mattos is back to talk about Flamengo.
Picture: Clone/SportTV – Anna Theis Mattos is back to talk about Flamengo.

Preparation for this season has already begun with everything in many clubs on the Brazilian scene, which will now implement the changes that were being studied at the end of 2022 and want to surprise on the field. The intention of many is to take advantage of the state to put some innovations into practice, with the aim of setting 100% as soon as possible.

In case Flamingo, the situation is exactly that, with an emphasis on Vitor Pereira’s ‘A-Tier’ reinforcements. Unmindful of it, some situations have generated a lot of repercussions in recent days, especially involving cariocas and also Anna Thess Mattoswhich ended up expressing his opinion directly and generating many negative reactions.

During SporTV, the The commentator lamented the choice of Gerson and referred to Brazilian football as a “comfort zone”: “I’m sorry to go back. For him it would be great, he goes back to his place, his country, where he used to work. But the first alternative for a player disappointed in Europe is to go back to Brazil. He doesn’t.” He’s trying to reinvent himself in another team, in another league.”He said.

This statement was refuted even by Marcus Praz, who totally disagreed. However, after this controversy “calmed down”, Ana returned to criticize a direct stance by Mais Querido. As a result of Vitor Pereira’s show history, which was the same period as Pele’s awakening, the journalist criticized and judged everything as “selfishness”.:

“It’s surreal talking about it. You’d say, ‘While burying Pele, Flamengo introduced the coach.'” I find such a lack of sensitivity, she is very selfish. The press conference has become for me something ephemeral (…) Today, On the day we bury the world’s greatest sporting figure, here we wonder if the vice president should speak to his wife, or speak to Corinthians, I regret to be todayconfirmed.

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