March 22, 2023
WhatsApp develops a version for Windows that does not require a mobile phone

Those who use WhatsApp on PC will get a much awaited job

When an application is used, it is accessed through the computer or by cell phone, the need to repeat or enter a password is an aspect present in those involving money or conversations. The privacy and integrity of the internal values ​​are maintained with the necessary security provided.

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Have you ever thought, that you are home, with your cell phone nearby and a friend checking in Whatsapp web No restrictions? In short, such a person can send anything and delete the message as if nothing had happened. To increase security, the The WhatsApp It is already working on the possibility of having a password for each access.

How will the process be?

The information comes from the WABetaInfo vehicle that specializes in showing all the features that are under development within WhatsApp and that may reach the final stage, which is the consumer stage.

Below is a visual example of what that would look like:


During the text, the concern about getting authorized access is only noticeable. For other users, the ability to access MAC laptops through Touch ID has also been mentioned.

This job will not be exclusive to The WhatsAppπŸ‡§πŸ‡· In banks, for example, even with a cell phone already unlocked, there is a need to repeat the same password to access your bank account.

When will the release date be?

There is no specific date. There was no mention of when it will be available to the public. The truth is that these versions are thoroughly worked on and tested for a while to get to the end.

Until then, it’s important to be careful with this situation and protect your cell phone, biometrics status asking for a certificate that it’s the owner and the person whose characteristics it has registered.