October 3, 2023
Tiago jokes about his wedding guest list

Tiago jokes about his wedding guest list

Yesterday, Thiago Abravanel pressed the end button.BBB 22″ (TV Globo) and left the show, but at night the celebrity announced that he was already watching it reality show He joked about the list of invitees to his wedding.

Her husband Fernando Poli was nervous during Sunday’s release, watching the small screen.

In front of that, the husband asked: “Dear, you are watching, do you want to change the list of weddings?”

Then the singer replied: “Now let’s see that everything is fine.”

Thiago Abravanel’s Track in “BBB 22”

Since the beginning of the 22nd edition of “Big Brother Brazil”, Tiago has shown that he has accepted the challenge to live different experiences and build new friendships. However, the good neighbor policy was not enough to keep him in the game.

Pressed to really play “BBB 22,” Abravanel withdrew from the program. In the past few days, he has felt a certain distance from home and has become one of the voting options at home.

in a party carnival Saturday, Thiago Abravanel enjoyed every moment. He used to dance, sing, and even preach. No one would have imagined that this was actually a goodbye. Now, outside the most guarded house, the singer has shown that he will still be a huge fan and will keep a close eye on what happens in reality.

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