Tik Tok: the new Eldorado to become an influencer !

Tik Tok: le nouvel Eldorado pour devenir influenceur !

Of apèrs the latest research on the inlfuenceurs, Instagram would be surpassed and everything would go on Tik Tok, MCETV tells you more !

Become an influencer seems to be the current trend. To help you, there are many resources on the image of this article describing step by step how to become an influencer. Or even real training. The role of influencer becomes gradually a fully-fledged business. And the large number of persons who engage only seems to complicate things. How to start ? Which platform to choose to successfully differentiate themselves ? And if you tried to Tik Tok ?

Tik Tok quickly

You can’t be passed next to Tik Tok ! Formerly Of Music.ly, Tik Tok beats all the records. And it is also needed as the social app of choice for youth. She came in ahead of Facebook, Instagram and also Snapchat. She was even the most downloaded application in September last year.

The basic principle is simple. The musers, that’s the name of the user, to resume music playback. They then share the video to their followers. The music was the theme of departure. Users quickly to the appropriate network. And there are also many challenges. As well as other content including humorous. The key word is creativity, first and foremost !

Influencers on Tik Tok

But Tik Tok is primarily an opportunity for the influencers in the making. According to this article in the DNA, it would also be 100 times easier to become an influencer on Tik Tok rather than on Instagram.

With over 2.5 million users in France and almost 13 million new videos daily around the world, the social network is aware of its potential. And it seeks to take advantage of it. Just as YouTube or Instagram of their time, Tik Tok strongly encourages its best users. And he does not hesitate to improve their visibility to help them to become essential references.

Even more, many brands have smelled the potential. They are beginning to take a serious interest in Tik Tok. Whether to expose their brands. Or also to make the product placement. Among them, we can know Coca-Cola. The brand of soda, for example, has launched the hashtag #shareacoke. It has also been taken up by users in over a million videos in just two days !

The network is maturing, many companies do not hesitate to invest money in partnerships with influencers. They also want to produce content that comes out of the classical patterns. There is still time to seize this opportunity if you are a muser convinced !


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