TikTok – Top Short-Form Monetized Musical Meme Machine

TikTok, with over 800 million downloads, is a popular video app for making short clips and which is designed for social media use. Categorization may be a bit difficult, but the app comes with some exciting features. You cannot record more than 15 seconds per clip. However, there are several beautiful AR filters alongside a host of editing tools made to suit the customization needs of teens. TikTok is almost like Snapchat, although the latter is getting less relevant by the day, and the big guns in the business hardly offer short clips these days. They are now all about the extensive video clips, perhaps, due to its lucrative nature. 

TikTok, rather than going all for the money, has created a business template for a trend that users were already used to doing without help, including dance competitions, lip-syncing clips, and similar music-related memes.  Prior to the arrival of TikTok, there was Musical.ly, the things you could do with Musical.ly were basically illegal, and more of copyright infringement, except you can argue your way out why it is right to post a clip with unlicensed music.  However, with the advent of TikTok, there is users can now play copyrighted music without going against the law, and without any issue whatsoever.  Unlike its counterparts, TikTok isn’t monetizing a service that is not entirely new, but it is instead exploring a part of the business that other platforms has ignored.

Several perks come with the participatory culture among fans – dancing to a famous song or lip syncing to the same.  When you contribute a personal identity into a bigger cultural trend, you are proving your relevancy to some extent.  However, one problem that comes with this is the continuous need to modify someone else’s intellectual property until it becomes yours – remixing remixes and remixing again, the same way a meme is made.

We can say that TikTok has identified a culture that is already in vogue and only needs a viable business model.  With the brand coming up with the much-needed model, we can only wait to see how far the brand can go.

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