January 28, 2023

TikToker records a video of Casuar without knowing the risks he’s taking; The deadliest bird in the world

user TikTok has gone viral On the net by posting unassuming videos of cassowary🇧🇷 The problem, in case you weren’t aware, is that this is known as the deadliest bird in the world, due to its extremely aggressive behaviour. The situation happened on a beach in Australia.

Even if nothing happened, TikToker had no idea what danger it was in and only found out through the comments on the post you made on the platform. In addition to being aggressive, the animal is very territorial and does not hesitate to attack people when they are around.

The cassowary is two meters high and often has multiple temper tantrums. In the same way, the animal can reach maximum speed 50 km / h🇧🇷 The bird usually attacks with its beak and claws, which are more than ten centimeters long, with great supernatural ability.

The post on the social network already has more than 3 million views The cassowary appears very quiet and close to the tourists. But this does not mean that people can always get close to this animal. The user even found news that reported situations where the bird killed its guardians.

Research conducted in Australia in the 1990s showed that these birds attacked people 150 times in ten years. In addition, Darren Naish, a paleontologist at the University of Portsmouth in England, said that these attacks are related to the search for food or the invasion of their territory.

Still, it’s better if people try to go viral on TikTok Recreate game scenes, out of danger. Currently, the Chinese-origin platform is testing View videos in landscape format🇧🇷