June 26, 2022
TIM has more than 200 vacancies for women

TIM has more than 200 vacancies for women

In order to expand female access to the labor market, TIM has more than 200 vacancies available for women. There are opportunities for the most diverse fields and areas of activity distributed throughout the country.

Through the Positive Women app, a platform focused on empowering women through content and tools, candidates will find more than just job opportunities, with exclusive access to courses and advice on topics such as innovation, technology, business, career, time management, health, diversity and inclusion.

Those interested in a job vacancy can check the full list in the application. Opportunities exist for various positions and seniority levels, passing through areas such as commercial, sales, legal, engineering, information technology and marketing.

Of the total available jobs, there are about 68 locations of employment in São Paulo – the capitals and cities of São José dos Campos, Santo André and Osasco. It is also possible to find opportunities to work remotely, expanding the reach of people from all over the country.

How to apply

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Interested women should access the site https://home.mulherespositivas.com.br To download the application and register your profile on the platform.

After completing the application, the candidate must click on the vacancy to be then directed to the responsible company page and follow the selection process directly with the company.

According to TIM, access to the application is free and can be downloaded by users of any operator.

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