Tim Mullin, master luthier

Tim Mullin, maître luthier

Tim Mullin has a special relationship with the wood. To make it short, we could say that it is all his life. As far as he can remember, he is a woodworker hobbyist. Forest engineer by training, he has been a consultant on six continents. And since 2007, the Sheffordois adoption utilizes the best essences from around the globe and transforms them into true works of art : the guitars are unique and worth a small fortune.

“I managed to marry my two passions : the manual work and the music,” says simply the guitarist to his hours in the language of Shakespeare, we are opening the doors of his workshop.

This revelation reached him while he was living in New Zealand. “I heard on the radio that a master luthier of saskatchewan was there, and that he was going to give a training,” he says. I registered myself, and then I continued to improve. “

After a few years in Nairobi, the Toronto native returned to Canada and established himself in the heights of mount Shefford. It is with a breathtaking view of the wooded landscapes and mountainous surrounding that case all day in his workshop.

Each instrument takes on average 250 hours of work. And much of it is reserved for the finish. “When all the parts are cut and assembled, I have to apply a dozen coats of lacquer allow to dry several days between each,” says-t it.

Tim Mullin, maître luthier

This guitar is made from a timber of New Zealand, the kauri-old… 45 000 years! Diamond-set mother-of-pearl obtained from real sea shells, then it’s worth at least 6000 $.


According to the requirements of the client, Mr. Mullin has been working with a dozen species — rosewood, ebony, spruce, black wood, etc — from Australia, the Philippines, India, various countries in Africa or South America. Each with its own peculiarities, aesthetic and sound.

The maker is particularly proud of one of its parts, which are made from a timber of New Zealand, the kauri-old… 45 000 years ! “The bargain has been a bargain !” he recalls. Diamond-set mother-of-pearl obtained from real sea shells, the guitar is worth at least 6000 $, let he know.

But who can buy such instruments ? “Rarely professional musicians, responds amazingly Tim Mullin, as they typically need several guitars and opt for instruments that are sold in-store to meet their budget. But some of them who want something very specific or particular may be tempted. “

This was particularly the case last year, the Toronto-based Jeff Biggar, who fell in love with a guitar — baritone instrument rare in which the tessitura is more serious than a guitar regularly.

“Otherwise, these are people who have a lot of money, or even collectors,” says Mr Mullin.

But the clients do not run the streets, so that in everything and for everything, he has sold at most a dozen so far. “Let’s say that I’m not doing this to live on “, slide the retired, with a smile.

To be frank, he admits that the repairs and adjustments that occupy most of his time. It is also one of the few luthiers to do both, he says. “And I still don’t understand why, because I learn a lot of things of the repairs which I used for the clothing industry. And vice versa.

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