July 14, 2024

To facilitate payments, Nubank has launched a fixed QR code for corporate customers

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Legal Entity (PJ) Clients nubank He started enjoying a new gadget since December 15th. It is located around QR code fixed There is no set value for transactions via Pix. The new feature allows business owners to use a single QR code for payments, without having to create a new one for each sale.

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According to Julia Martini, Director of PJ at Nubank, 83% of transactions received by corporate clients are made through pix. In other words, this is the most used method of payment for those who own a business. With this said, the idea is always to improve the experience with users.

“By using a fixed QR code with no set value, a business owner can use a single QR code, rather than having to generate a new one for each sale, simplify payments and avoid having to share information like CNPJ and cell phone, commonly used as keys,” Martini said.

Nobank legal account

In addition to a fixed QR code, a Nubank PJ . Account It also offers other services to the user. An example is Copy and paste Pix, which is nothing more than an option to generate a code from a QR code, in the image conversion.

The entrepreneur can also share the link with a personalized message, directing the consumer to a page with more details about payment.

“We expect that Pix, which is already very popular among MEIs and the self-employed, will continue to grow in the coming months, with new features to be released by the central bank,” the director added.

It is important to stress that a legal Nubank account can be opened by small business owners, individual entrepreneurs and self-employed persons who are sole partners, such as the MEI, EI, EIRELI and LTDA Unipessoal categories.

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