To perpetuate the voice of Piaf

Perpétuer la voix de Piaf

Édith Piaf was nice to be missing for more than 50 years, his music and his memory are not close to shutting down. Especially when performers such as Angelique Duruisseau give themselves to the mission of carrying his voice.

This is what the singer will be this Sunday at Bromont, with the passion that she knows. And despite the fact that it proposes this formula for many years, it does not get tired.

“These are beautiful songs that are doing well to my voice. It is easy for me to sing and it moves always the people. Nobody gets out of this show without being a little disturbed. So, I don’t have a reason to stop ! “says the young woman who has spent all his adolescence in Acton Vale.

If some of the intonations and some grasseyements back inevitably to the style of Piaf, Angélique Duruisseau fights offer a pastiche. “This is not doctored, it’s just that my voice is quite similar to hers. For the songs that are very well-known, it goes without saying, but for parts less well-known, I allow myself much more freedom with my voice, more jazzy. It depends on a lot of songs. But it is important to me that this is not an imitation. I want to review his repertoire for everyone. “

With time, some sixty songs came to furnish this directory, which allows him to vary the benefits, and go beyond the great success of the French. In Piaf, un second souffle, Angélique Duruisseau like to make discover to the public of the pearls less well-known. “And even a few songs hand signed by Piaf. “

Accompanied on the piano by his accomplice Marc-André Cuierrier, the artist promises about twenty songs lovers who will go to Centre culturel St-John, a room in which she remembers.

“The last time, I had noticed the beautiful grand piano and I had told them that this would be perfect for Piaf ! “says, laughing, the one that was the recipient of the class Performers of the Festival international de la chanson de Granby in 2005. Since that time, she has released four albums, two of which are dedicated to Piaf.

Although she had discovered it a little bit “by the band” playing in a musical comedy, Angélique Duruisseau has developed a real passion for la Môme Piaf, becoming an expert of his repertoire, she said. “My pianist, Marc-André was a big fan of it, then it has also made me discover the character. I appreciate his ardor, his intensity. It was a great love, too, ” adds the artist, admitting that some similarities of character.

Pen also

Well before Piaf, however, there has been Plume Latraverse, who she also pays homage for the past few months. “I thought he was very beautiful texts, super nice melodies, but the execution could put some people off. Reading about Pen, I told myself that it might please him to hear a performer bring light to his songs. For two or three years, I’ve heard all his repertoire to select the best. I’ve skimmed up to hold 35 songs and my fans have voted for their 15 favorite, ” she said. The album Featherweight is already online, but will be available in stores next march.

This project is also the subject of a show that Angelique walks in Quebec and that she intends to come and present in the region.

One could believe that she is the only interpreter ; but this would under-estimate his talent. She is also a singer-songwriter. “In fact, I’m often straddling the two,” she notes. However, the writing takes more and more place in his life. What she prefers ? “I’m an artist, I studied theatre, so I consider myself really as a designer. I have a hard time with the idea of having to choose ! “


When : Sunday, February 24 at 11: 30 a.m.

Where : Centre culturel St-John de Bromont

Tickets :

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