November 28, 2022
"Today is no longer so";  Edmundo does not shut up and warns about Indrik's position in Palmeiras

“Today is no longer so”; Edmundo does not shut up and warns about Indrik’s position in Palmeiras

Palm trees

Parque Antártica’s Eternal No. 7 jersey addressed how Endrick should run and compare it to his early career

Image cloning - Don't Scream Before That Podcast - Episode 02 - Edmundo
Image cloning – Don’t Scream Before That Podcast – Episode 02 – Edmundo

Indrick appeared in the 2022 Copinha Championship as the great reveal of Palestrina Football Academy. The boy was one of the headlines in Palm trees In the traditional under-20 competition, they only play 15-year-olds. Recently, the ace turned 16 and signed his first contract with Verdão, a fact that makes him available to contact him. Abel Ferreira.

However, Indrik did not make his first match for the main team Alviverde and there are doubts behind the scenes in Palestine about the feasibility of launching the academy gem this season. However, one of Palmeiras’ stars gave his opinion on Indrik’s debut. Former striker Edmundo got straight to the point.

“I think so (I have to use it). There is no age rule in football. I will test what I saw. Now, did you see the goal scored by Flaco Lopez? He is a newcomer … So, I think Endrick needs, can and should be tested, But slowly, gradually, in a more relaxed game,” he details the eternal number 7 by Parque Antártica in his book Participation in the podcast “Don’t Scream for a Goal Before”.

Edmundo discussed his views on Andreik’s development and made an interesting comparison: “I was very moved by what I saw from him in the Sao Paulo Cup. Very impressive. When you see Neymar for the first time, he was skinny and today he is a ‘bull’. Andrique is already a ‘bull’,” he said. .

The comparisons did not stop at Neymar and the former striker moved in the past to warn of the young gem: “When I moved to professional, I was also skinny. In my time, the game was more base-based and in professionalism the game was slower. So I had an advantage because I was used to this. The other kind of games. Today it’s not like that in the main team anymore, because of the pressure of the lines. Even more so when they play against Palmeiras, everyone plays more closed, so maybe he doesn’t have much space. So my fear is that he won’t develop physically.”