December 1, 2023
Tom Holland fuels fan theories at CCXP Worlds 21

Tom Holland fuels fan theories at CCXP Worlds 21

One of the most anticipated superhero movies of recent times. Spider-Man: No Home attended from CCXP Worlds 21 through the plate Sony Pictures Entertainment. The opening was in the presence of Teioso in person, Tom Holland, put the fuel plate on the fire Rumors surrounding the production.

“Spider-Man is back in a new adventure, and I know people say it a lot, but you’ll see things in this movie that you haven’t seen before. You’ll see pumpkin bombs and sandstorms, the multiverse. You’ve seen it before, but you’ve never seen it here, all”Holland said. And the talk on the streets: Peter Parker is going to college and everyone knows who he is. it will be wrong. or not”.

Sony board made announcements about the new Spider-Man animation on the Spiderverse, Like the title and first preview for the new movie and Trailer for a third movie. still around Spider-Man: No HomeThe committee had a frank conversation with Interpreters for the villains Duende Verde, Doutor Octopus and Electro: Willem DafoeAnd Alfred Molina NS Jamie Foxx, Straight.

CCXP 21 worlds

Saturday (4) from CCXP Worlds 21 She has paintings of Netflix, Crunchyroll, Paramount Pictures, HBO Max, Sony Pictures And much more. Sunday, the second day of the event, will feature announcements from MSP, Amazon Prime Video And a final panel from Warner Bros. Who will include the cast? Resurrection Matrix.

All revealed content will be available to fans with digital credentials and a home experience. You can still sign up for the free credentials for free or purchase the CCXP Worlds 21 Digital bundle.

CCXP Worlds 21 can be tracked on CCXP official website or in Twitch.

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