September 25, 2022
Too much work and sickness made the influencer stop

Too much work and sickness made the influencer stop

Earlier this afternoon, Iranian artist Santana Alves, better known as “Glova de Pedrero”, Posting a video announcing a job cut. in contact with UOL EsporteThe young man’s team explained that the excess of work increased a health problem that made him rethink the pace of his career.

Iran felt pain in his body, developed a fever and a runny nose, and was treated yesterday at Samaritano Hospital in Sao Paulo. Doctors diagnosed strep throat. With that, the influencer was concerned and understood that he needed a period of rest, but promised to fulfill all professional obligations.

The most prominent Mozir Sampaio, a member of the Agents team.. from the Iran team.

In addition to the intense recording rhythm, Iran travels around the world to fulfill its agenda with partners and invitations. He has recently visited Morocco, as well as Italy, Spain and Portugal. After that, the young man went to Sao Paulo for Brazil football Expo 2022, CBF, and went to Rio de Janeiro to enjoy rock in rio.

“Speak up Soldiers! Guys! Everyone thinks I got hacked, but I wasn’t hacked, no. I deleted the videos anyway. I really stopped guys. Live my normal and peaceful life. The video was posted to explain the removal of posts on Instagram. .

Lofa de Pedrero also thanked the team he works with and said the decision came from him. In addition, the influencer confirmed that he will complete projects that he has already started with sponsors.

“The team I work for are the best in the world, they are all good people, they are part of my family, but that was my decision – to stop. [usando], I will complete the jobs I closed. “I’ll finish, but then I won’t shoot videos anymore,” he said. We are just gone. to receive! Thank God, Dad! Thanks my strength! ’ concluded the influencer.

This is not the first time

This is the second time in less than four months that Glove de Pedreiro has announced a job leave –The first was in June. On this occasion, Iran Santana made a powerful revolution during a live broadcast.

“Praise be to God, Father. I am for my followers. What do my followers say to me there… Do you know? I don’t drink. I’m healthy. Full now.”

“A hug for you out there. These days I don’t post a video. I’m going to stay there for a while…Are you a subscriber? Without posting a video. I’ll just chill my head, man! They keep bothering the guy. p…it’s Alone. God and my fans, brother. Damn… the rest is the rest,” he concluded.

change businessman

After the first half of his career, Luva de Pedreiro participated in a Controversy with businessman Alan de Jesuswho took care of his career.

After exchanging accusations Former futsal player Falcao has started managing the career of Lofa de Pedrero.