Tournament bantam: “A day very emotional” for Jean Patenaude

Tournoi bantam: « Une journée très émotive » pour Jean Patenaude

Jean Patenaude was struggling to hide his emotions Sunday afternoon, when we pointed out his 60 years of involvement in the sport granbyen, in the framework of the Tournament bantam de Granby. The rink’s main centre sportif Léonard-Grondin also been renamed in his honour.

“I feel very privileged to receive such a beautiful tribute. It is a long day and very emotional for me, ” said the principal, during a brief interview with The Voice of the East.

Dozens of people came to attend the ceremony. So many marks of respect for a man who has definitely left its footprint in the region.

City councillor and former goalkeeper, Stéphane Giard has particularly benefited from the advice of Mr. Patenaude then he who worked their way through the ranks of minor hockey. “It doesn’t matter if you won or if you lost, John, you always encouraged them to persevere,” pointed out the advisor Giard.

John Patenaude acknowledges that his athletic talents were rather limited, but one thing is for certain, he has found his place as a coach and volunteer.

Active in hockey, baseball and in the cultural field, Mr. Patenaude believes they have experienced too many special moments to target only a few. “I also met so many wonderful people, who have followed me for years “, he stressed.

Today the age of 75 years, Jean Patenaude has been able to sign the golden book of Granby on Sunday, before sharing a few memories with loved ones and friends.

A fitting tribute, and appropriate, for one who has participated in the foundation of the Tournament bantam de Granby in the early 70’s.

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