Tournament bantam: victory intoxicating, defeat heart-breaking

Tournoi bantam: victoire enivrante, défaite crève-cœur

Finally, the 49th edition of the Tournament international de hockey bantam de Granby has indeed started on time without delay no. And in the context of a duel of a regional character, on Wednesday night, the Bulls of Bedford are back and have disposed of the Panthers Granby, 3-2 in class B.

The Bulls trailed 2-1 after two periods of play. And after you have created equal, they have scored the goal that would prove to be one of the victory with less than two minutes to go in the third.

If the victory was intoxicating to an edge, the defeat was absolutely heart-wrenching on the other.

“In the locker room after the second, we told the guys that they played softly, they had to leave their legs to win,” explained Sébastien Denis, one of the coaches of the Bulls. And back on the ice, this is exactly what they have done. “

It is a purpose of Leo Santerre has made all the difference in the end of the third. Mathieu Lizotte and Tristan Gnocchini had previously marked in the favour of Bulls.

“Our only goal here this week is to have a card-positive, was returned to Denis. Honestly, first you are here for the fun of it. “

The Bulls are in their third tournament of the season. In Bedford, as in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, they have not made it past the preliminary round.

On the other side, the defeat had a bitter taste. “It’s a game that was in our range, has confessed to Éric Lemieux, one of the coaches of the Panthers. We play in the same league as the Bulls, this is a team that we know well and the most beautiful victory of our young people, this evening will have been to well control their emotions. “

Because you should know that it has already brewed between the two teams this season. Louis-Felix Lamarre and Mathias Lavertu have recorded goals for the Panthers.

Always in class B, the Cobras de Granby, the Eagles of Granby, the Rockies of Bromont and the Husky (2) of Cowansville have won. In the victory of the Rockies, Mathieu Pelletier with two goals and two assists, and Thomas Brunelle, with a goal and three assists, collected four points, while, in the Husky, Raphaël Vézina-Lajeunesse has tallied three goals and one.

The match between the Cobras and the Valois Acton Vale has launched the hostilities in the late afternoon. Mathis Paquette led the attack of the winners with a hat trick.

In class AAA notes, the snowy owls from the high school of the Triplets have defeated the National of Montreal 2-1. Note however that we cannot find any player in the region, unlike the usual, in the formation sherbrooke.

One plays !

As expected, the organizers of the event had gathered over the lunch hour in order to assess whether, yes or no, he had to delay the start of the one-day tournament.

“We have examined it, as it takes the road conditions, we have also relied on people in the organization who came from Sherbrooke and elsewhere, and we came to the conclusion that you could play without a problem “, explained the president Norman Side.

All the teams have landed at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin at the scheduled time.

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