Tournament pee-wee of Waterloo: a final dream for the Gunners BB

Tournoi pee-wee de Waterloo: une finale de rêve pour les Artilleurs BB

The Gunners Bedford/Cowansville/Farnham were at the height of their reputations Sunday afternoon, as they flew over the finals of the class BB Tournament national hockey pee-wee de Waterloo. The representatives of Brome-Missisquoi have signed a spectacular clean sheet of 6-0 to pay the costs of the Sting of Ottawa.

“Up in the second period, it was still 0-0. I would even say that our opponents had more control in the beginning of the game, ” pointed out, however, the head coach of the Gunners, Alexandre Lafond.

“But our players have not let go. Our goalkeeper [Stephen Guertin] judgments miraculous, luck was on our side. Then the wind turned. Our young people have started to produce. It was fabulous to see them go ! “

Matthew Bourelle, Aitan Side (twice), Charles Dion, Alexis Miller and Zackary Whitehead have all been shining the red light in the final. With a record of eight points (including four goals) in five parts, Whitehead was named the outstanding player of the class BB.

This triumph is all the more impressive in view of the defeat (1-0) collected by the Gunners face the Sting in the preliminary round… ” The fierceness of our little guys and their winning attitude made the difference “, said Mr. Lafond.

In the same category, the course of the Vics of the Haute-Yamaska stopped in the quarter-finals.

Still unbeaten after 24 matches against their rivals in the eastern Townships, the Gunners will participate in the prestigious Tournament pee-wee of Quebec, in the class ” international B “, in mid-February. “It is a beautiful experience that our young people are coming great. They will arrive there full of confidence ! “

The Kings reign over the class AAA

In the last game on the schedule Sunday, the Kings of Vaughan have won the top honors of the class AAA, the most raised in this tournament. Claire Murdoch and Sam O’reilly scored for the ontario, while the babysitter Ella Buonaguro has made 12 stops to earn the shutout.

“We are going through a difficult period since a few weeks, but our young people have played very well in this tournament,” a delighted coach Colin Murdoch.

Tournoi pee-wee de Waterloo: une finale de rêve pour les Artilleurs BB

The Kings of Vaughan have won top honors in the AAA category, the higher of the tournament waterlois.


The Kings had previously lost twice in the first round. But they were able to right the ship in time.

“I think we are playing well collectively, especially in defensive. Our special units are also very effective. What are our key strengths, ” explained coach Murdoch.

Note that Logan Sawyer (outstanding player) and O’reilly (best defender) were honored at the end of the final.

The club officials in ontario do not regret for a second the choice to enroll in in Waterloo.

“Over the years, we’ve done several tournaments. Our parents and our young people feel that this is one of the best they have attended. This is a tournament very well organized, feels a strong sense of community. “

The Jets champions

Moreover, it was assured to attend the coronation of a local team in the a-class pee-wee A, since the final against the Rockies of Bromont and the Jets of Farnham. The Farnhamiens have concluded their perfect record in this tournament with a win of 4-1.

Zackary Belanger has broken the tie by scoring on a breakaway in the second period. Bélanger and Emrick Goos were then widened the gap during the last twenty.

In an interview after the match, the head coach of the Jets, Martin Décary, has highlighted the road travelled by the troop since the beginning of the season.

“Initially, we had two defenders [natural] and eleven attackers at our disposal. We therefore had to alternate and almost all of our players have played as much to the defense. The development had finally paid off. Our young people are now able to play all positions, ” said Mr. Décary.

Tournoi pee-wee de Waterloo: une finale de rêve pour les Artilleurs BB

The Jets in Farnham (in white) ended their perfect record in this tournament with a win of 4-1.


In the semi-finals, the Rockies and the Jets, respectively, have defeated the Husky de Cowansville and the Maroons of Waterloo/Valcourt.

Tournoi pee-wee de Waterloo: une finale de rêve pour les Artilleurs BB

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