Tournament pee-wee of Waterloo: a good night for local teams

Tournoi pee-wee de Waterloo: une bonne soirée pour les équipes locales

Two teams in the region have experienced an evening to be successful, Tuesday at the national Tournament of hockey pee-wee de Waterloo. The Vics of the Haute-Yamaska (pee-wee AA) and the Rockies Bromont (pee-wee (B) have tasted their first victory of the tournament.

The Vics have started strength their participation in the tournament waterlois by defeating the Gladiators of the Roussillon to the account 4-2.

Despite a quick goal for the Gladiators a minute or less after the start of the match, the Vics have imposed their rule with the nets Médérick Side, Charles-Antoine Morin, Loric Jetté and Ludovic Gauthier. The Gladiators scored again in the middle of the third period, but this was insufficient to change the outcome of the game.

In another encounter with a local flavour, in the class B this time, the Rockies Bromont have had because of the Husky de Cowansville by a score of 7 to 3. The two teams fought a tight battle in the first two periods, but the Bromont have broken the defence cowansvilloise by scoring five goals in the third period.

After having experienced a tie, the Rockies added a first victory to their record in this tournament.

Always in the B, the Maroons of Waterloo/Valcourt faced the Jets in Farnham at the time of writing these lines.

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