Tournament pee-wee of Waterloo, Cowansville and Farnham glow-in-the Has

Tournoi pee-wee de Waterloo: Cowansville et Farnham brillent dans le A

The teams in class A came into the scene, Monday, at the national Tournament of hockey pee-wee de Waterloo. The Husky de Cowansville were done in a beautiful way by winning 4-2 against the Border Jets to Stanstead.

Samuel Bazinet opened the scoring after only a few seconds of the game, using a password of Angélique Cloutier in the first period.

Border Jets took the lead in the second period with goals from Liam Huckins and Mason Béasse. The Cowansvillois Alexis Dubois has, however, countered a few minutes later.

The Huskies dominated the third set. Stephen Frank has moved the net on a pass from Samuel Bazinet after less than five minutes of the game. Alexis Dubois added a point to his record by completing the score for his team.

The Jets have had because of the Maroons

During the second game of the evening, the Jets of Farnham have had because of the Maroons of Waterloo/Valcourt by a score of 5-2. The party had yet to a very good start for the Maroons, who beat the goalkeeper on two occasions in the first third. Ezekiel Gaudreault has broken the ice without assistance. He was followed by Elliot Goyer, assisted by Jacob Morin.

It is during the third twenty-that things are tough for Waterloo/Valcourt. Farnham scored five goals at once. Zackary Bélanger has opened the way of the Jets. Emrick Goos has achieved a hat trick. He has been helped to Loic Fontaine, Thomas Delarosbil, Zackary Bélanger and Alexis Decary. Alexis Goos has inserted the last nail in the coffin, with the help of Belanger and Decary.

The Jets of Farnham will be back on the ice on the arena Jacques-Chagnon on Tuesday. They face the Rockies in Bromont. The teams AAA and BB will also make their entry. The tournament continues until 27 January.

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