Tournament Waterloo: a two for the Vics in class AAA reports

Tournoi de Waterloo: un en deux pour les Vics en classe AAA relève

The Vics have won once and lost once, on Friday, when they were beginning their participation in the Tournament pee-wee of Waterloo in class AAA over.

In the morning, the Vics have pulled out a victory of 5-4 for the Grenadiers du Lac St-Louis, thanks to a goal achieved by Izaac Brosseau, his second of the game six seconds to the end of the third period. Then, in the evening, the representatives of a corner have been bleached by the powerful Junior Eagles of Boston (two wins Friday) 4-0.

“We don’t have to be embarrassed about our performance in the face of the Eagles, explained the coach Pierrot Brosseau. They are very solid, they are more experienced and they move very well with the puck. In general, I appreciated the effort of our young people, who have never abandoned. “

The Vics, who have made the quarter-finals at the tournament in Saint-Hyacinthe, are landed at Waterloo with the goal to participate in the semi-finals. To do this, they must defeat the Cascades elite of Bois-Francs/Drummond 15 p.m., Saturday.

“We have the talent, but we have started the season very slowly, resumed Brosseau. But we are making progress and the confidence starts to settle. “

In the Face of the Grenadiers, the Vics were able to overcome deficits of 2-0 and 4-2 for the win. You would have said that they came to win the Stanley Cup when the young Brosseau scored the goal that made the difference.

The League of excellence of Quebec, the Vics have a record of seven wins, 12 defeats and one tie.

A zero for the Vics AA

In class AA, the Vics took away a 1-1 with the Kings of the Rideau-St. Lawrence.

Médérick Side scored the goal of the Vics, who have a record of a gain and a zero. In the context of a match they must win to avoid elimination, they have an appointment with the Victoriaville Tigers at 8: 45 a.m. on Saturday.

Finally, the Rockies Bromont have reached the grand final of the B class when they have disposed of the Maroons of Waterloo/Valcourt 2-1.

It is a purpose of Alexander Lavin, in overtime, which propelled the Rockies until the ultimate game. At 13 h, Sunday, they square off against the Valois Acton Vale and the Phoenix of Sherbrooke, who have appointments in the semi-final.

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