November 29, 2022
Training for Brazilians to invest in the US

Training for Brazilians to invest in the US

In this version of the program, IF shows how investors can buy and sell stocks in the US stock markets

Today you will see how to invest abroad. That’s right, Brazilian investors like you buy and sell shares of the world’s largest companies traded on US stock exchanges NYSE And Nasdaq – All in dollars!

But be careful: this is different from what Brazilian investors can do with mutual funds, ETFs and BDRs today. Do you know why?

These are all negotiable payment options we offer at Reas B3our Stock market From Brazil. However, there are many people who prefer to perform operations directly in the US, in dollars. We are going to see how it works in this video tutorial IF shows you.

To get started, you need to open an account with a brokerage firm operating in the United States. For that, I followed two options: The Avenue, a brokerage based in the US, but whose services are focused entirely on Brazilians and Latin Americans; And the second option, the Global accountFrom Banco Inter.

These are the two options I chose for the demo. There are other banks and brokers that offer the same service, right? Let’s go to the video!

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