October 2, 2022

Trajano family-backed startup delivers agricultural robots in US – Money Times

Already in use in Brazil, the company said the technology could reduce product consumption by up to 70% (Image: Pixabay/Pascvii)

A start with participation The Trajan family The e-commerce platform has partnered with Farmers Business Network to offer new offerings Fertilizers and pesticides America.

solinftec offers robots powered by solar panels, autonomous and designed to apply fertilizers and herbicides only where needed.

The company says the technology is already in use BrazilProduct consumption can be reduced by up to 70%.

Agreeably, both Companies Working with US farmers to commercialize and develop new applications of robotic technology for agrochemicals.

“With small and cheap equipment, we believe we can meet the demand for localized use, small and cheap equipment, all connected and operating autonomously”, says Leonardo Carvalho. The company already serves sugarcane, soybean, corn, cotton and coffee producers in Brazil.

With input from a Brazilian family that made a fortune in Luisa magazine, Solinftec uses artificial intelligence to analyze crops and climate to determine how to use chemicals and seeds efficiently. The company currently serves about 9 million hectares, but estimates it could reach 50 million hectares in the coming years through the partnership.

The company is already on track to deliver 30 robots to the Northern Hemisphere by spring 2023, with an additional one being tested this year, Carvalho said.

This year, Solinftec received a $60 million investment from Lightsmith Group and Unbox Capital, which manages investments for the Trajano family, and sold $27 million worth of senior debt. In a new investment round later this year, the company expects to reach a $1 billion valuation.

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