October 3, 2023
"Transforming work" · TV news

“Transforming work” · TV news

It was commissioned by fans to comment on Pedro Scobe’s post in BBB22Luana Piovani has stated that she will only talk about her ex-husband’s behavior in confinement if JB de Oliveira’s director, Boninho, signs a contract with her. “If this turns out to be business, we’ll do it,” cried the blonde.

After the surfer As one of the participants in the reality show Globo On Friday (14) the actress disappointed the fans by saying that You will not follow the program Even after she gained many followers on social networks waiting to see her opinion on Scooby.

On Sunday evening (16), Luana took up the topic again in her Instagram Stories. “You constantly annoy me, you want me to comment on Big Brother. Write to Boninho there! Tell him to sign a contract for me,” she said.

“Then, just as I commented on the political situation in Brazil that I read in the newspaper, he can give me a report of the written news, and I will comment. Also because there is no other way. And even more so, who likes, presents, produces, makes cinema, theater, television, Interview,” Beam’s mother, Liz, and Dom continued.

“I’ve entered the comments now, it’s been so cool…everyone was talking about the things I was talking about, and I could share them with the people who follow me. That’s the purpose of my social network, among other things, which I also like to highlight to those who They deserve it. I love promoting those who deserve it,” she said.

“But now I go in there and you just say, ‘Luana, Brazil wants it, we’re excited, comment on Big Brother, you gotta watch it! “I already saw that it would be a little more boring than I thought it would be. That ends,” the presenter complained.

While the surfer is limited to the BBB, Luana will share custody of her three children with Cynthia Decker, the current wife of Pedro Scobe.

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