Triller issues a statement in response to the Mike Tyson Show Rules for upcoming Roy Jones Jr.

The next confrontation between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones The son received a lot of attention, but a lot of the talk about the confrontation was about its rules and regulations.

The California State Athletic Commission has sanctioned the match, which is being held just outside Los Angeles, as an exhibition without an official winner, CSAC CEO Andy Foster He explained in an interview with MMA Fighting Earlier this week. The show will run under eight, two-minute rounds, and the boxers will wear 12-ounce gloves.

Foster said that no official winner will be announced, because unlike certified fight, there are no judges on the show’s bout.

In the wake of Foster’s comments, social media platform Triller – which is promoting this weekend’s event – released a statement that appears to contradict this information, saying that the match winner will already be announced and the scoring will be made by referees from WBC.

In a statement sent to MMA Fighting, Triller co-owner Ryan Kavanaugh said the company is not violating rules and regulations set by the California commission.

Kavanaugh wrote in an email to MMA Fighting: “We at Triller have no problems with the committee or Mr. Foster and have not intended to contradict anything that might have been said by them.” “We have had a strong relationship for nearly two decades with the governor, the mayor’s office and the state of California and we would be grateful if things could be fixed.

“Specifically, we never intended to indicate that CSAC was recording this or deciding the winner. We are 100% clear that this is not true. The CSAC has made a judgment, and this provision is in place to make sure the fighters are safe and to make sure that they are fighting by the rules. It will not score.” The fight will not decide the winner. Instead, the WBC has been involved in both scoring and selecting a winner. They have three judges who will rule remotely (due to COVID and like other recently made fights) on behalf of the WBC, not on behalf of CSAC, who will decide the winner and rule on Fighting “.

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In a separate statement, Triller said the WBC referees “score and the winner will be decided using these results as the basis.”

Therefore, while WBC will announce the winner, the California commission has not sanctioned any judges and will not acknowledge the outcome.

“No winner will be announced,” Foster said on Tuesday. “I think it’s very important to get out there. The unofficial scores are for entertainment only and it is done by remote WBC. Not by the committee because the committee has not approved these judges because of COVID. It’s for entertainment purposes only. There is no official winner at the end of this.”

WBC President Mauricio Suleiman referred to CSAC in a statement sent to Yahoo Sports.

Solomon wrote, “The only authority is the California State Athletics Commission.” “WBC celebrates this remarkable event and presents a special award of honor to Tyson and Jones Jr. with a unique WBC belt.

“For more entertainment and technology shows, there will be three unofficially famous judges.”

As Foster previously stated and Suleiman confirmed, both Tyson and Jones Jr. will receive a title belt after the match ends. The event can be purchased for pay-per-view for $ 49.95 and carries a full card containing fully permitted fights.

For his part, Foster previously stated that there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the match between Tyson and Jones Jr. But the rules are in place for a reason because this match is being contested as an exhibition.

“It’s going to be fun,” said Foster. “It is what it is and not more than it is but it will be fun. They are both great champions. These are myths of sport.”

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In Kavanaugh’s initial statement on rules, he mentioned that the exhibition was more than just fun. The result can be betted via official partner Draft Kings in three states: New Jersey, New Hampshire and Illinois.

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