Trip of the gang for the love of the young

Danny Gélinas
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Trip de gang pour l’amour des jeunes

CHRONIC / Since our first steps into the world of minor hockey Bromont in the fall of 2017, son and I heard all about Charles-André, without, however, know the identity of the person…

We heard, of course, the same good comments about Dave, the current chairperson of the minor hockey association local, met at registration. He had been so nice ! After a year and a half, as Charles-André Cantin, president of the Tournament novice, as his sidekick Dave Williams are not only become resource persons in the foreground, but also of the friends we worship together, Sidney and me. Two true gentlemen ! I’d so wanted to not do a column on the Tournament inter-regional hockey novice de Bromont, Charles-André, Dave, and their army of volunteers are working hard.

I tell you, Hollywood could not have written a best-case scenario ! Last Sunday, a team of local, in this case our little Rockies novice, has won major honours in the tournament of his city, that I say, ” his ” tournament.

We note, however, that the three teams novice bromontoises (novice C, novice B and novice A) have all reached the semi-finals, a feat of no little importance in itself.

While he was falling in large flakes outside, there was a sparkling and exciting atmosphere inside the arena situated on the rue John-Savage, because the victory of the premises has been gained at heavy cost : a gain of 5-4, in overtime on top of that, thanks to a goal from Malik Roy, and this, at the expense of the talented Riders of Châteauguay. Conducted to the attack by the verve, among others, the centre Axel Rodzilsky (his net in the 3rd period was worth alone the price of admission !) and by the impetuosity of his guardian William Coderre, the training led by Jocelyn Nicol (he is assisted by Sébastien Bonnette and David Charbonneau) would, however, deal with an order of size, she knew that sooner or later, she would be crossing the Riders on his route. These latter could rely on the young prodigy Damien Bolduc, who, if he continues his development, will certainly tick many of the notebooks of scouts in seven or eight years. But regardless of whether a victory or a defeat for the local team, we could feel that our friends Cantin and Williams were extremely febrile at the dawn of the last match of the event.

They were visibly happy to see the little Rockies in the final, but also satisfied with the way in which were held, once again, the ten days of the tournament, which is sort of their ” baby “.

“Listen Danny, the tournament I played in, I have refereed games, I’ve been sponsoring teams, volunteer, and lighting designer, revealed the president of the 35th milling, Charles-André, now 42 years of age. I even was the mascot when I was young ! Without being able to tell you with certainty, I think I even have played in the very first year. ”

“The reins of the tournament, we have taken three years ago while at the time, some spoke of putting an end due to a lack of volunteers. In my opinion, this would have been a real non-sense, ” he continues. We have thought good to constitute a board of directors whose members (Christine Boisclair, Julie Gadbois, Sylvie Lamontagne and Véronique Sauvé), work tirelessly to ensure that each of our organizations is better than the previous one. Our pay, it is found in the smile of the young, from the beginning to the end of matches. They are so happy to be able to play. “

“But before anything else,” says his comrade Williams, if the tournament was such a success, it is also due to the contribution of both our volunteers and our sponsors, I would like to thank, by the way. Without them, we would not be here, that’s for sure. ”

On this, long life to the Tournament novice Bromont !

Trip de gang pour l’amour des jeunes



In a last column, I began an overview of golf courses in the south of Florida that I had the chance to walk during the Holiday season. To read the large number of e-mails that you sent me, I see that this has been appreciated by many. So that’s why I decided to pursue this initiative, knowing that a multitude of golfers in the region are begin often of their season. If the criticisms of these courses can help you to make a judicious choice, it is so much better !

Deer Creek Golf Club

Located at Deerfield Beach, between Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, the Deer Creek Golf Club is a golf course semi-private with the allure of a private club, but is open to the public. With seven tee boxes on each of these 18 holes, he has enough to accommodate golfers of all levels. We found the greens very fast, extremely responsive and, above all, in excellent condition. Bodies of water are virtually absent of the nine aisle, but present on seven of the nine holes on the back. The real problem of this club lies at the level of the game management, that is to say, in the fact that many of the holes require a particular strategy. More often than not your turn, you will have to leave your driver in your bag to place you appropriately in the fairway to hit your second shot. Its signature hole is undoubtedly the no. 10, a short par 4 339 yards angled toward the right paw of the dog (dog leg). It is one of the only holes with a driveway, generous and a lake that follow the start up to the green. During my stay, the flag was placed on a tiny shelf at the back left of the green, a bit like the green of hole no. 15 at the club Le Rocher de Roxton Pond. Not necessarily easy to go looking for it, you’ll agree… In fact, the only two caveats are the price of access high (US $ 125 round, which is not given), and the blatant lack of courtesy of the staff at the reception… If I had developed an excellent relationship with their director of marketing during our email exchanges, I was totally stunned by the service more than usual at my entrance into the pro shop. When I came out, one of the members of the club become that day one of my playing partners I was even blown, ironically, to the ear, in speaking of the two employees who came to serve me : “You’re lucky, you’ve seen them in one of their good days ! “It is you say…

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