February 1, 2023
Leo Dias

Triple Betrayal, Broken Leg, and Low Life: Causes of the Para World Actress

LeoDias’ column is always direct and blunt, but this time, we’ll keep the anonymity involved and tell a story worthy of a 9 o’clock soap opera script – with betrayals, screams and condescension in a condominium in Barra da Tijuca. An international actress, with clear eyes and a sculptural body, she cheated on her boyfriend three times, with three different men. The boy found out, and the hut took on gigantic proportions. In an act of desperation, he jumped from the building’s first floor and broke his leg. As if being broke wasn’t enough, the girl’s father showed up in the building and started a public brawl. Without a face of terror, who doesn’t have a gossipy neighbor?

A few weeks ago, one of the giant condominiums in Barra da Tijuca was the scene of a movie. A fight between lovers, loud and clear, with the entire block hearing the screams. The boy was disgusted that the actress – excuse the language – “gave it to three while she was still with him.” “Piranha” was the softest adjective the neighbors heard – and the neighbors heard it.

You might think that fighting between spouses is an unheard of topic. But the story gets worse in this case. Tempers flared, and after a real humiliation, the boy decided to jump from the first floor of the apartment, for reasons unknown, getting a broken leg as a gift and making a huge commotion in the whole building. Horn and break in the same day is a plot that not even the greatest sufferer of Sertaneja translates, but of course it can get worse. And it got worse.

Neighbors told us that the actress’ father, known for kissing many mouths in Barra da Tijuca, arrived at the apartment complex extremely angry at the boy – who, even with a broken leg, had become a punching bag. And under the cries of the artist, who said: “Dad, please stop!” Thus a general quarrel arose. The boy did not have a leg, but he had vocal cords to shout louder: “Your daughter is a piranha and she has fed me three men.”

Viewers will be able to keep a close eye on the actress soon, as she’s been quoted as “fiery” to join the cast of BBB23.

If anyone wants to send the video of the exact moment of friction to LeoDias’ column, we’re with open arms.

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