Tristan Malavoy, the writer who sings

Tristan Malavoy, l’écrivain qui chante

For a fourth year, the Matches come out of Eastman, and it was at Waterloo that they will make their first stop, on the 8th of February next, was it announced this week. For this first meeting, the House of culture will host the writer and musician Tristan Malavoy, a habitué of the literary event, which will invite the public to a trip out of the ordinary.

Since September, the Sherbrooke original walks here and there through the province his show The school of vertigo, inspired by his most recent album of the same name. A disc of 10 songs, half-way between the song text and the spoken word, directed by the great Philippe Brault and accompanied by a travel book of some sixty pages, in which he shares a wealth of anecdotes and reflections.

The common point between the 10 titles : they were all composed during travel. Aboard the trans-siberian railway or on the edge of the Mississippi, in Brussels, Dakar, or Paris, and even closer to home, in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine or Sainte-Émélie-de-l’énergie, in Lanaudière.

Although they are born in the elsewhere, the songs do not necessarily speak of travel, not more than the texts of its logbook, warns the one who is also director of the collection Pier no. 5, Editions XYZ. “Sometimes yes, they address physical travel, but also love, our contact with all that is happening in the world thanks to our smart gadgets, the way you live, etc “, he says.

Man of words first

On stage, The school of the dizziness is more of “a musical show with forays into literature,” says the one who defines themselves yet more as ” a writer who sings “. “Let’s say that I’m a person of words that has developed a huge passion for music. It is a true accomplice in the creation. Besides, she is still growing around a piece of text that I find rather promising. “

Tristan Malavoy will be accompanied on the piano by Veronica Baltazar, the leader of the group, Belshazzar, who was the bright spot in 2017 the contest Ma première Place des arts. “The show will hang naturally to the spirit of the Matches, where we’re talking literature in a very relaxed and gives rise to great conversations,” he says.

It also mentions that a version podcast of his book-drive will be launched on the 1st of February next.

New novel

Of the rest, Tristan Malavoy announces that he is currently finishing a new novel, a second career. His previous, The Nest of stones, published in 2015, had been classified by ICI Radio-Canada as one of the books that tell the most of their time.

This time, the author will make us travel in time thanks to a novel investigation, and history. Two story lines should criss cross, a history teacher who decides to give up everything to investigate a woman with the special destiny, and the story of it. “It is inspired by a true story, of a lady who lived at the turn of the 1800s. Of acadian origin, she grew up in the north of Saint-Domingue, which became Haiti. When the slave revolt broke out, she fled to New Orleans. As we know very little about it, I’ve still been able to give free rein to my imagination, ” he says.

The title and release date are not yet arrested.

Tristan Malavoy, l’écrivain qui chante

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