Trudeau closes the door to the Davie

Trudeau ferme la porte à la Davie

Not issue for the canadian government to make a place at Chantier Davie in its national shipbuilding procurement Strategy.

In Quebec city, the prime minister Justin Trudeau said to understand “the frustrations” of the workers and the suppliers of the shipyard, located in Lévis, but it is very firm.

“We don’t need the Obelix (…) It is something that we say very clearly for a long time.” Mr. Trudeau has put an end to any hope for the Davie to build this supply ship for the canadian navy.

And if the site has been excluded from the national Strategy, are to blame conservatives, accuses Mr. Trudeau. “We need to act within the contract that has been left by Steven Blaney and the conservative government.” This contract, Mr. Trudeau did not intend to “tear apart”.

If it recognizes the “exceptional work which is done to Davie for a few years”, Mr. Trudeau does not want to change the rules of the game and transfer the work to the site lévisien, which was in difficulties when the Policy has been signed.

“We are in the process of seeking new contracts, new ways to support the workers of Davie by delivering the equipment that Canada needs,” he argued, referring to the possible needs icebreakers of the canadian coast guard.

The workers and the suppliers of the shipyard Davie were aghast at the output of the speech of Mr. Trudeau.

“It is a slap in the face to the suppliers and it is a slap in the face to the largest canadian shipyard”, has launched Pierre Drapeau, Association of the providers of Chantier Davie.

According to him, Mr. Trudeau will end his term with “a balance sheet totally null” in the naval field. Mr. Flag evaluates to about fifteen the number of ice-breakers additional would be needed in Canada.

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