Trudeau confirms that Canada will host a refugee saudi

Trudeau confirme que le Canada accueillera une réfugiée saoudienne

REGINA – The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, confirmed Friday that Canada had accepted the claim of a Saudi who claimed to have fled Thailand because of a violent family.

Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, who had been intercepted at Bangkok’s international airport last Saturday when the thai police denied him entry to the country, in addition to confiscate his passport.

The young woman of 18 years was then barricaded in a hotel room where she started, on Twitter, a campaign which has attracted the attention of the world on his fate. This has earned him enough to support public and diplomatic efforts to convince the officials thai they admit to the country, under the protection of the united Nations.

The united Nations High Commissioner for refugees granted them refugee status Wednesday.

The case of Ms. Alqunun sheds light on the human rights situation of women in saudi Arabia. Several Saudi women who were trying to escape from violent families have been captured abroad and returned to their homes in recent years. The defenders of human rights claim that several cases of the kind are passed unnoticed.

This latest development could escalate further the relations between Canada and saudi Arabia. Last August, the kingdom has expelled the canadian ambassador in Riyadh and recalled its own ambassador in Ottawa, when the minister of foreign Affairs has made on Twitter his support for women’s rights activists detained in saudi Arabia. The Saudis have also dropped on canadian investments and ordered their citizens who are studying in Canada to from.

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