Trudeau needs to answer several questions to frank at a meeting

Trudeau doit réponde à plusieurs questions franches lors d'une assemblée

REGINA — prime minister Justin Trudeau has had to answer on Thursday evening at frank questions, including those of a man who fears that the federal policies of immigration are putting lives in danger, during a public meeting.

The individual claimed that the government policy was threatening the freedoms. He added that islam and christianity did not mix while asserting that the immigrants wanted to kill Canadians.

The prime minister has responded by stating that the population could have confidence in the system. He also pointed out that the immigrants were helping to strengthen the economy while making communities more resilient.

Mr. Trudeau has also had to explain the reasons why the Canada-honoring a contract for the sale of light armoured vehicles to saudi Arabia. He explained that the federal government had to abide by the terms of a complex contract signed by the previous government. He has strengthened his intentions always defend the rights of the population.

Meanwhile, outside, protesters were demonstrating their support for the oil industry. Some brandished placards on which one could read the various slogans such as “Canada needs the jobs provided by oil pipelines”.

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