July 20, 2024

Trump criticizes war days after calling Putin a genius

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Trump criticizes war days after calling Putin a genius
Trump criticizes war days after calling Putin a genius

former president of the United States, Donald TrumpToday, he condemned the Russian attacks on Ukraine, during a speech in CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). Criticism takes place four days after Trump calls Vladimir Putin’s decision ‘genius’ To recognize the independence of the breakaway territories from Ukraine.

The Republican told his constituents at the Conservative event: “The Russian attack on Ukraine is appalling, outrage and atrocity that should never have happened. We pray for the brave Ukrainian people, may God bless them.”

In an interview with US Radio on Tuesday (22), Trump said the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine was the “largest peacekeeping force” he had ever seen and suggested that Americans do the same on the border with Mexico.

At the time, Trump criticized the current US president, the Democrat. Joe Bidenwho defeated him in the 2020 elections

“this is a man [Putin] Which says, “I will declare the independence of a large part of Ukraine, and we will go there and help keep the peace.” You have to admit this is pretty clever. Do you know what the answer is? [Joe] Biden? he was not there. They have no answers to that. He joked.

Russian influence on Trump’s election

During his administration, Trump maintained a good relationship with Putin and sought to dismantle the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a military alliance between the United States and major European powers. The prospect of Ukraine joining the organization triggered the crisis that led to the Russian invasion.

US officials have also investigated allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, as disinformation campaigns orchestrated by Moscow allegedly benefited Trump. a SReport from Senators from Trump’s party Noticed the attempted Russian intervention.

Trump allies convicted of lying during investigations into Russian interference, but It ended up being pardoned by the former president.

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