Trump shares his plans for the new Super PAC at the Mar-a-Lago meeting

“MAGA supporters and candidates who support America’s agenda first for President Trump will be dazzled by the political process that is being built here. We expect official announcements for the full team in the coming weeks, which will include some very talented unnamed clients,” Miller said.

People familiar with the meeting – which touched on a wide range of topics related to Trump’s political activities and the organizations that support them – indicated that the full plans for the Trump process have not been finalized and that they are unsure of some details. Trump has also been known to reverse or change plans in a short time.

Trump has already created a leadership PAC, Save America, which has raised tens of millions of dollars. But unlike leadership PACs, which are limited in terms of the amount of money they can raise from individual donors, PACs are able to raise and spend unlimited amounts. Trump still maintains broad support among the Republican Party’s top donors, and many of them may be willing to cut short checks.

Lewandowski emerged as an energetic figure in the early days of Trump’s presidency, as he searched for Republican candidates to challenge House Republicans who were pro-impeachment. A new PAC formation, Fight Back America. The 47-year-old has also advised Republicans, including South Dakota Gov. Christy Noem, who is being seen as a potential presidential candidate for 2024.

Lewandowski served as Trump’s first campaign manager before he was fired in June 2016. But he remained a close ally of Trump, and Lewandowski spoke with Trump a lot while he was president.

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Trump told advisers he was keen to participate in the 2022 mid-term elections, including retaliation against Republicans in the House of Representatives who supported impeachment measures and against Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who had criticized him for not interfering to help cancel the 2020 election results. The super PAC will give Trump another way to spend huge sums on the races in which he decides his weight.

The former president kept a close eye on the battlefield of the midterm elections. He recently met Republican National Committee Chair Rona McDaniel, former Georgian Senator David Purdue, who lost his seat in January, and visited Trump in recent days. Purdue had been considering trying to return to 2022, but announced earlier this week that he would not run, shortly after meeting the former president.

Even after his defeat, Trump has proven to be a massive fundraising force. Save America, formed after the election, had $ 31.5 million in the bank at the end of December, much of it collected from appeals for small-dollar donors that focused on the former president’s unfounded allegations of election fraud. Millions of more dollars still await transfer to Save America from Trump’s joint fundraising committee.

PAC’s superlative plans come as Trump is gradually re-emerging in public opinion, a month after he left the White House. He is set to deliver a speech at the conservative Political Action Conference on Sunday, his first major appearance since the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Trump is also expected to appear at the Republican National Committee meeting in April, which will be held in Palm Beach, Florida.

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