December 3, 2023

Try to solve the puzzle and find the correct answer

all people Cleverbut some have more ease with numbers and others, anything that does not involve mathematics. No matter which side you belong to in this division of interests, it is always fun to find ways to respond to them Logical thinking challenges.

A few days ago we brought some of these Challenges Here at Tudo Bahia, like fishing words In which I wrote “Bahia” and of course Math Challenge Which involved finding logic in a series of equations.

Today, we have another one of these invitations to Logic exercise. Even if math isn’t your thing, try to solve the next puzzle, because at worst, you’ll do it Have a little fun This Friday. Let’s go?

Can you solve this logical thinking challenge?

Just like what we posted recently, today we have another challenge that will be tested Logical skills.

Remember that the idea is not just to perform calculations, but Find out what makes sense Behind each result is displayed. paying off:

Before checking the answer, which is belowTry to figure out the logic that was used to arrive at the results. if necessary, Get a pen and paper And break your head a little – if you can get it right without seeing the answer, you will be very happy about it.

Challenge answer

In this case, the logic is simple and ask first Multiply the first number by the second. After that, one must Divide the first number by the second. The final answer will be The sum of the two results. See below and understand better:

4 + 2 = 10 – first, we multiply 4 by 2, which we get 8. Now, we divide 4 by 2, which is what we get two. The end result is the sum of 8 and 2 10. The same logic is valid for Three other equations.

The last equation is 40 + 4 = ? – First, we multiply 40 by 4, which is what we get 160. Now, we divide 40 by 4, which is what we get 10. The result is the sum of the two values, i.e. 170. Easy read?