March 30, 2023

Tuba? The company pays R$10,000 to those who accept cockroach infestations

do you have Bravery To infest your home with cockroaches to get R$10,000? This is what an American pest extermination company offers. Pest Informer, the North Carolina (USA) company responsible for this behavior, is offering $2,000 to Americans who agree to have 100 cockroaches in their homes.

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10,000 Brazilian reals for a hundred cockroaches

The purpose of this procedure is to test new methods of handling animals that are able to survive a nuclear catastrophe. According to the announcement made by the company, the study will include families and will last 30 days.

The house will receive copies of American cockroach (American oceans) aviation, which will be eradicated with innovative, accessible and definitive new technologies. This will only happen if the tests go as planned.

The company was surprised by the number of subscribers

Since this is an unusual request, the Pest detective They are expected to receive a small number of applications, giving them a flexible deadline to fill the vacancies on offer. Entries will run through July 31, but the company had a big surprise in store: It received 2,500 entries in just one week of the submissions opening.

It just goes to show how desperate some Americans are for the extra cash.

“We were all so impressed with this study. We were hoping to get a few responses, but overnight, it kind of exploded. We’re struggling to keep up with requests,” company owner David Floyd said during an interview with NPR.

Although it is an unusual study, not everyone can apply for it.

Participants must be at least 21 years old, own the property, or have written permission from the landlord to participate in the test. In addition, none of them will be allowed to be used Technique Cockroach extermination during the study period.

If the tested techniques don’t work, the company guarantees that the house will be fumigated using traditional methods and will be free of smoke insects within 30 days.