July 23, 2024

Tuesday’s US legislature elections determine who will lead the Senate

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Tuesday's US legislature elections determine who will lead the Senate
Tuesday's US legislature elections determine who will lead the Senate

Trump-backed Republican doctor and Obama-backed Democratic soccer legend keep main race; The result will provide an assessment of the Biden administration, as well as determine the direction of the government in the coming years

Drew Angerer/Getty Images North America/Getty Images via AFPmid-termThe midterms will be held this Tuesday, 8th, in the United States, and should determine the future of the Biden administration

The US state of Pennsylvania is known for its large urban and industrial centers in decline, and stands out in the mid-termMidterm elections for legislative office from the state. Two unconventional candidates are vying for a seat left by a Republican senator, precisely the vacancy that could decide control of the US Senate. On the one hand there is an American football legend, John Fetterman (The Democrats) On the other hand there is a famous surgeon, Mohamed Oz (Republicans). Oz even had an award-winning TV show. The Columbia University professor of surgery has won eight Emmys for his “Dr. Oz Show.” Known as the “plastic surgeon of Hollywood,” he faces criticism from fellow medical professionals, who accuse him of prescribing “miracle supplements” to patients without scientific evidence of weight loss. Oz is now involved in politics with the support of the former US President Donald TrumpWhich in turn has a huge impact on voters. Oz’s main competitor is Jon Fetterman, who is over two meters tall and has many tattoos all over his body, in addition to always wearing hoodies, even at gatherings. Fetterman is a former mayor of a small town in Pennsylvania. He’s recovering from a stroke he suffered in May, and has trouble finding words when speaking. Fetterman, who has the support of the President Joe Biden And the former president Barack Obama, has been ahead in the polls for a long time, but in the last stage, he saw the feature disappear. The dispute is fierce and could determine whether Biden’s Democrats will continue to have a majority in the Senate. Victory or defeat will still be a kind of assessment of the current government. Voter Robin Thomas, 25, says voting for Democrats is very important in this election to ensure women’s rights as well as public health. Ryan Dirk, 32, sees that while being more local, voting in legislative elections is also important.

*With information from reporter Carolina Abilene

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