December 9, 2023
Tullio died after Santiago was robbed and escaped with Ruth;  Learn how · TV news

Tullio died after Santiago was robbed and escaped with Ruth; Learn how · TV news

If writer Lícia Manzo doesn’t change her mind until the last stage of place in the sun, Túlio (Daniel Dantas) would have a tragic outcome in his 9 AM soap opera for Globo. After stealing a large amount of money from Santiago (José de Abreu) ​​and run away with him Ruth (Pathy Dejesus), the villain must die.

Husband Rebecca He (Andrea Beltrau) will revolt because he was not chosen to replace his father-in-law as Redentor’s president and will steal the company’s coffers in revenge. as Column by Patricia Cogot, of the newspaper O GloboHe will escape with his lover to avoid going to prison.

“I can’t wait to get out of here, but… after the party is over, someone needs to clean up the mess, right?” , will say the rogue, who will disappear with evidence of theft. In another scene, the couple will be seen destroying papers and cell phones before boarding a helicopter.

The CEO result will be mentioned by Rebeca in a conversation with Ilana (Mariana Lima) After several seasons. “the thulium Matt ”, will tell the former model about the fate of the businessman.

However, there is still a possibility that the paths of the characters will change, as the actors have recorded alternate endings It includes deaths and choices between spouses.

Recently, the author claimed to have changed the end ravi (Juan Paiva), who also predicted death. Lycia surrendered To kill him in a car accident To understand that he is the only one who can help Christian / Renato (Kawa Raymon) to rid himself of his crimes. “He has a lot of strength and charisma,” the novelist explained.

The sequel is provided in the text of the novel, But the writer chose to ignore it months ago. In all, the team and reps achieved no less than four possible driver outcomes.

The plot entered the air already fully registered. Um Lugar ao Sol will be on display for just over four months, with completion scheduled for March 2022, as expected in the news. The story is shortened Mainly because the network drama director feared that the story would be a failure.

place in the sun It is a novel written by Lecia Manzo It will consist of 107 chapters. The whole plot was registered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Check out the chapter summaries of the TV series at 9 AM that the news Posted daily.

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