January 31, 2023
Tullio visits the orphanage and discovers Christian's dirty secret · TV News

Tullio visits the orphanage and discovers Christian’s dirty secret · TV News

thulium Daniel Dantas will be very close to discovering a secret Christian (Kawa Raymond) in place in the sun. To make sure that There is something in Goiás about my fake pastThe villain will accompany him Ruth (Pathy Dejesus) to the Caminhos do Amanhã orphanage, where the protagonist of the nine o’clock soap opera on Globo is created alongside ravi (Juan Paiva).

No The chapter scheduled to air on Tuesday (7)The two lovers will use pseudonyms and present themselves at the shelter as a married couple intending to adopt a child. Additionally, they will also lie that Ravi nominated them.

Gradually, Tlio and Ruth discover that Christian and Ravi have grown up as brothers and that Christian has been murdered by drug dealers in Rio de Janeiro.

The Redentor Network manager will then investigate Avany (Inez Viana) about Christian’s twin brother. After that, you will be informed that after the death of his brother, Renato decided to search for the orphanage.

“This story was such a shock to Chris, the poor man. So much so that he went to Rio for it, to try to find his brother, but… you see the irony of fate: After his death, it wasn’t like the brother showed up here, would he want to meet Christian?”

place in the sun It is a novel written by Lecia Manzo It will consist of 107 chapters. The whole plot was registered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Check out the chapter summaries of the TV series at 9 AM that the news Posted daily.

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