July 24, 2024

Turma da Mônica: Lessons offers a more introspective version of the adventure without underestimating the audience | movie theater

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Turma da Mônica: Lessons offers a more introspective version of the adventure without underestimating the audience |  movie theater
Turma da Mônica: Lessons offers a more introspective version of the adventure without underestimating the audience |  movie theater

In movies, sequels are always tough work. “Monica’s Class: Lessons” premiere this Thursday (30) As the second adaptation with the actors of characters from the comics by Mauricio de Sousa – and the task is not only to repeat the success “links” (2019), but they beat it.

“the challenge ‘links’ He said in an interview with g 1 The director of both projects, Daniel Resende.

“The second challenge was how to make a better movie, which wasn’t easy either, and basically – even for being more introspective – how do we get 3, 4 and 95-year-olds to have fun in the same movie and leave everyone laughing and screaming from the cinema “.

As the first was based on the graphic novel of the same name, which the brothers released in 2013 Lou i Vetor Cavaggi, “Lições” adapts to continuing work, two years later. Both parts of the line deliver Mauricio’s characters to other authors, Graphic MSP.

Daniel Resende gives guidance to Julia Bennett, Gabriel Moreira, Laura Russo and Kevin Ficiato on the recordings of “Torma da Monica: Les Suis” – Photo: Serendipity Inc / Divulgação

Unlike “Laços,” which managed to take Brazil’s best-known comics group on a perilous journey through the jungle for the first time in 60 years, the sequel takes a “more mainstream” path.

The plot follows the routines of Mônica (Giulia Benite), Chives (Kevin Vechiatto), Cascão (Gabriel Moreira), and Magali (Laura Rauseo) at school.

When, after an accident, the “lady of the street”‘s parents decide to change her school, the others must face their punishment.

Kevin Fischiato, Laura Russo, Gabriel Moreira and Julia Bennett in the “Torma da Monica: Lessons” scene – Photo: Serendipity Inc / Divulgação

The person who inspired the character says, “The first one was more adventurous, more Cebolinha focused. This one is more introspective, focused on Monica.” Monica Sousa, daughter of Mauricio, is the CEO of Mauricio de Sousa Produções.

“We’ve worked with children for a long time and know we can talk to them about any topic, with all the tenderness and respect, just like in the movie.”

Rezende sums it up well in one sentence.

“Mônica’s gang never underestimated a child.”

The director, who was known as the editor of “City of God” (2002), but has since directed, in addition to “Laços”, “Bingo King of the Morning” (2017), he continues: “I think in our movie version we did the same thing.”

Laura Rauseo, Kevin Vechiatto, Giulia Benite and Gabriel Moreira in a scene from “Turma da Mônica: Lessons” – Photo: Serendipity Inc / Divulgação

If there is any confidence in the great challenge of continuing, there is another inescapable problem. Young actors, whose choice was one of the main reasons for the success of “Laços”, at that point where for two years it had clear repercussions on the screen.

Vechiatto, the oldest of them all, was 12 years old when the first movie was released. Now he is 15 years old.

For this reason, the recording took place less than a year after the first appearance of the ancestor. Lições was recorded in Poços de Caldas (MG) between January and February 2020, and is expected to be released in theaters in December of the same year.

But the pandemic, which has closed rooms around the world, has forced a change of plans.

“I think what we do is adapt our problems to dramaturgy. If it grows, we make a movie about growth. We don’t try to hide the things we can’t handle,” says Rezende.

Daniel Resende guides Julia Bennett in a recording with Kevin Ficiato, Gabriel Moreira and Laura Rosso from Turma da Mônica: Lições – Photo: Serendipity Inc / Divulgação

Since the success of “Laços”, the quartet of actors has undergone a major change in their lives. As hard as the pandemic has made their routines, they say they’re enjoying the notoriety that success has brought — and that masks don’t bring anonymity back.

“My name is no longer Kevin. It has become chives, or onions,” Vechiatto says.

“When we go to an event, and I’m wearing green and she’s wearing red, people are like, ‘Man. It’s Mônica and Cebolinha.”

14-year-old Rauseo also enjoys success in his character’s best style, Gluttony Magali. “Now, if I go out on the street, I get recognized. And I like it so much. At school. I already got watermelons in the market. I really like to get free food.”

Along with him, 13-year-old Moreira already understood the life-giving effect of the country’s most famous fearless water boy.

Watch a movie trailer

Watch the trailer for “Turma da Mônica – Lessons”

“There was a time, I don’t remember whether in a restaurant or somewhere I went, a kid had a glass of water and tried to hit me.”

As for the differences between the films, the actors had to face a much more emotional story, which included tears and emotional scenes.

“I found it even more difficult because it took on this emotional and emotional side so much more. Than crying, especially from Mônica. As an actress, I had a very hard time doing these scenes,” says 13-year-old Bennett.

According to Resende and Monica herself, she “carries the film on her back.”

“I think ‘Lições’ was a very big step towards getting better at this. Because the more we work, the more we can do it. And I’ve gotten a lot better at this.”

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