September 30, 2023
Turnaround parties in Europe and the United States have restrictions for the second year in a row  National newspaper

Turnaround parties in Europe and the United States have restrictions for the second year in a row National newspaper

On Europe That’s us To us, Parties affected by the epidemic will be restricted for the second year in a row.

It has been four years since Londoners looked at Big Penn’s full watch. The party with the most glamorous setback in the world was canceled for the second year in a row.

The side tower is not a bar. There was a problem Omigron It delayed our lives. The government has not released any major report on the rising number of infections. There is no traditional fireworks on the Ferris wheel

City Hall London Came to change Breakthrough party To Trafalgar Square, but the mayor recently looked back at the number of infections and decided to cancel the event. He fenced off the very central square of the British capital, London, to avoid overcrowding, even without a big celebration.

Hotels, restaurants and nightclubs were launched for the British to relax. Creating the other three countries United Kingdom They had strict rules and limited groups in those places.

On Germany, There can only be a maximum of 10 people, but the fireworks will not explode.

On France Further. Mandatory cancellation of all major events, including Champs-Elysées. That doesn’t mean France doesn’t have a party or champagne now.

In the Italian region of Campania, Prosecco was also banned. In the big cities, there was sparkling wine, but public events were canceled.

The Dad He got up early in the morning for evening worship. Francis praised those who did not respond to the epidemic “for every man”. The Vatican did not explain why a cardinal changed pope at the last minute.

Madrid took no chances when faced with multiple cancellations across Europe: they were thrilled at noon. The drones confirmed that the capacity had not reached 60%. In bars and restaurants in Barcelona, ​​the public should be half: 50%.

From Catalonia to London, the only setback is the return to celebrate the New Year.

NY has a turnaround party, but in a slim version

More than half a million people have tested positive for Govt To us Thursday (30) effect is everywhere. Restaurants across the country were closed this Friday alone, events were postponed and more than 1,500 flights were canceled.

Jefferson and his sons landed in New York this Friday morning and rushed to Times Square to find Monica.

“There will always be a crazy woman in the family, right? So it was a dream come true. I drove 15 hours by car from South Carolina to meet them, ”says tourist Mônica Barros.

Usually, Times Square is packed before New Year’s afternoon. But this year needs more attention. Everyone at the event site must prove that they have been vaccinated and wear a mask at all times. Also, the party venue, which is usually attended by over 50,000 people, will have 15,000 visitors this year.

Mayor Phil de Blasio changed the banquet due to omigran variations so as not to cancel the celebration. His term ends this Friday at midnight when new mayor Eric Adams takes office.

The public, who returned to Times Square despite all restrictions, accepted the decision.