March 30, 2023
TV Globo expels journalists Alberto Gaspar and Ari Peixoto |  the television

TV Globo expels journalists Alberto Gaspar and Ari Peixoto | the television

Alberto Gaspar was fired from TV Globo after 39 years at the channelreproduction

Published on 08/10/2021 10:56 AM

RIO – Journalists Alberto Gaspar, 63, and Ari Peixoto, 65, were expelled from TV Globo on Thursday. Alberto Gaspar has been at the station for 39 years, and like Ari Peixoto, who has been at Globo for 34 years, has been a reporter and international correspondent.

Alberto Gaspar resigned on the eve of his birthday. The veteran will turn 64 next Wednesday. According to the “Notícias da TV” website, the mood in Globo’s editorial rooms was one of awakening. The broadcaster is in a new wave of cost cutting, and with it, encouraging the dismissal of older professionals, who have higher salaries.

Fernando Saraiva and Roberto Paiva were fired last week. Saraeva has worked for Globo for 22 years and was an international correspondent in London. On the other hand, Paiva has been with the network since 2000. Producer Robinson Cerântula was also fired after 28 years in the company.

“I was ‘disconnected’ (that’s the word) today from TV Globo. I got to work and was called to the director’s office, who informed me in minutes of my resignation,” Ari Peixoto told “Notícias da TV”. “I intend to continue doing what I love, and there are several ways to do it. I find no work in the bad sense of the expression. Anyone who knows me, already knows. Everything can change. A professional ethic that has given me so much, in life, no,” said Alberto Gaspar for the site.

Check out Alberto Gaspar’s farewell speech:

“I have always been known for being a reporter who is able to quickly resolve news. And from my path, with a certain quality, I suppose. ‘Jaspar delivers.’ Or, ‘He’s clever,'” as an old friend who joined Globo with me used to say. But writing a farewell is not easy.” .

“Let’s give it a try. This time committing to myself. And following what they taught me, at USP and Globo: to choose the essential. Choosing what’s really important is essential in the profession.”

“I have never received compliments, from bosses or colleagues or anyone else, without replying: Team is everything. In this business I have basically got myself 39 years ago. Anyone who knows me knows the value I have always placed on them. My team is in the street. My class , in the newsroom. My tribe.”

“Of course it is sad to lose all of this all of a sudden. And not only for me, because of the expressions of affection and some bewilderment I received. I have only been dismissed once, in my life, at a small English school where I went to teach, when I was 18, and I have missed That twice. He lived apart. Two students continued to take tutoring with me. In all the other jobs the break came from me, always because I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. That was never the case at Globo.”

“I have lived most of my life in it doing exactly what I have come to love. The street, the garden, the forest. And the people by the way. Their stories, their hardships and their joys. One day a famous reporter at home said to me: ‘You are the best presenter on Brazilian television.’ I was even stunned. Like a medallion Even if it was exaggerated.

“Another brand was always knowing where the reporting team could feed themselves decently and quickly, so they wouldn’t delay the service. In São Paulo or anywhere else they “reported”. They said I have to publish a guide, then open a website. I always preferred Personally responding to hungry phone calls and messages from friends. Fun, turn on mental GPS. Lately, he joked about switching to an app. Look… It’s an idea.”

“And we got to the point. The digital age has brought about so many changes, very fast, in television and the media in general. That the epidemic has only accelerated. It was funny to have been doing stories at home for a year and a half, to hear some praise from young colleagues, who received My material, surprised by the veteran’s performance. “Since you have adapted so well, you are doing well.” Then I reply: “Experience is everything.” I worked on the streets a lot, both at home and abroad, being proud to represent TV Globo for four years. I loved going back to Brazil and the newsroom in Sao Paulo in 2009. Also at the end of a long quarantine now. I even posted it on Facebook. Too bad it took so little time to come back.”

“I intend to continue doing what I love, and there are several ways to do it. I just don’t top any business in the bad sense of expression. Whoever knows me already knows. Everything can change. The ethics of the profession that has given me so much, in life, no.”

“Over time: I have not declined the names of the people mentioned just so as not to do an injustice to the sheer number of friends I have made, in all areas of Globo. And to whom I am most grateful. Much more than just experience, and even staff, friends are everything.”

“As always, I’m together.”

“Note: I can only exclude my Aunt Hortensia, my father’s sister, whom I chose, there again, to be my standard model, whom I would like to attract, please, access, service. She was a retired seamstress, one of the best seamstresses. One day, he welcomed a cover team My Ipiranga is soaked. With towels, hot coffee and chocolate cake in the oven.”

Check out Ari Peixoto’s farewell speech:

“Like I said, in 1987 I got married twice. In April, with Globo, and five months later, with my wife Káthia. And for those who think the comparison is weird and meaningless, I remember there were times when I spent more time on the net than at home. In short, parallel relationships that have always been manageable.”

“But today, one of them ends, the older one. Leaving through the same door I walked in 34 years ago, Globo says goodbye to the front door. I leave feeling like I’ve reached the goal I set for myself from my first day here, which is work and professional growth. Right from the start. , in a live broadcast of Bom Dia Rio, through network reports on JN, to international correspondence (Latin America and the Middle East).

“I am proud of what I have done, because I have always done it the way I learned from my father: honestly. I had a successful history within this company. And above all with love. After all, as the saying goes, “Those who do what they like don’t have to Work even for one day….” That’s how it was with me.

“I leave grateful that so much of what I’ve built, personally and professionally, I owe to Globo. These are the new times. Anyway, as I said there, my relationship with Globo ends today. Hug for those who stay, my cell phone is the same until one day.”