December 6, 2023
TV news about "chest elbow"

TV news about “chest elbow”

Cheyenne Hagbene attacked Thiago Ramos in farm 14 In the early hours of Friday morning (21). After the former blind returned from the countryside, the atmosphere of war took over the headquarters of the program, and the ninjas were forced to take action. “He punched me in the chest”, denounced his ex-husband Neymar.

The hut started as soon as the businessman returned from the outer area. It didn’t take long for allies Dylan Bezera Annoyed by the opponent’s comments.

Tea screamed amid the curse “You shit” For Vinicius Patel. Nervous, the former MTV almost stalked the Iranian, but was restrained by her other castmates. Tiago even spat in the face of his opponent. Minutes later, they ran into each other, and the model was hit with an elbow by ally Deborah Albuquerque.

“Don’t ask for the line, production will work,” Deolane advised. “Viennese, sit down,” the lawyer asked, in an effort to prevent another brawl.

“I was afraid he’d hit him, I just did it that way,” Shay defended. Alex Gallet agreed, “I saw him, he was going to throw the bottle.” “It’s violence,” Rovinia de Marti complained. “I ask God’s love, help us,” implored Deborah. “There is no more entertainment,” cried Kerlin Cardoso.

Aggression and expulsion in Vasanda

The fight between Thiago and Shay had a negative impact on social media, with many public calls for the walkers to be expelled. Thigu Cury complained about “a very heavy episode of A Fazenda today. How aggressive. The parcel is coming.”

Sandra Silva Clan added: “The two should be fired. The two attacked each other.” “James hit Shay with the bottle, and Shay replied. If you are fired, you must leave. A Fazenda cannot ignore this either,” Barbara Millo complained.

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