March 30, 2023

TV news “full of hesitation and pubicity”

Bruna Grippo He was horrified at the state of the master bathroom in BBB 23 After Prova do Anjo on Saturday afternoon (28). Not only did the actress find the simulated yellow substance Mayonnaise is a snack from the dynamic grazing fast food chainspread out on the floor of the room. He complained: “It was full of excrement and pubes on the floor.”

The interpreter, who has been on the block for plots like Avenida Brasil (2012) and Nos Tempos do Imperador (2022), throws water all over the room. “I flushed the bathroom. Now nobody can say I vomited and I didn’t say it,” said she, who felt ill immediately after the party.

Fred Decempidos gave Bruna a round of applause “Congratulations on the Minimal,” he shot, which got a reverse from the artist:

Not only that, dammit. It was filled with cheddar cheese [como os brothers se referiam ao líquido da prova]And feces, hair and pubic hair on the floor. People are pigs. They fly there and leave the rest on the ground. I’ve never seen that. It’s disgusting.

Dirt in the owners manual

Prova do Anjo posted a lot of dirt and discord too on Saturday afternoon (28) at BBB 23. Participants left the house bathroom in tatters because of one of the dynamic phases, as they entered a bowl of liquid that mimics mayonnaise. “Our room will be a mess,” complained Fred Decimpidos.

Only 12 competitors participated in the first part of the competition. They were not required to enter the cabin, but most rushed headlong into it. The goal was to save a card that was on the bottom.

“It was just a hand [de altura]. I didn’t need to jump,” said Fred Nicasio, who showered after the race. Cesar Black and Paula Freitas were the only ones who dipped only part of their arm in the batter, saving their sneakers—which were in tatters outside the house.

A central concern was that, in order to maintain the integrity of the game, the brothers needed solitude—even a sloppy one—within Decherto IV. If the key [Alves, primeira a participar] It’s all muddy, and our room will be too,” he said Boca Rosa’s ex-husband.

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