February 6, 2023

TV News “I Will Honor a Gay Man”

Pedro Figueiredo was honored in Rio de Janeiro for his services to the state’s public cause. In a ceremony held in Irg (Rio de Janeiro State Legislative Assembly), the journalist won the Tiradentes medal placed around his neck by Eric Rianelli, a husband and fellow professional By Globo Correspondent. a The couple celebrated the special moment with a kiss.

The journalist’s special day was celebrated last Tuesday (20), but only on Friday (23) he shared photos taken by Raphael Wallace on his personal Instagram page. In addition to posting photos, he posted a text to explain what he felt with the public appreciation.

“I had the honor of being awarded the Order of Tiradentes, the highest honor in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in a plenary session full of dear relatives and friends. This honor was given to people who rendered service relevant to the state. The project was authored by 33 deputies and deputies from 16 different parties,” he wrote. at the beginning of the message.

After citing those who attended the ceremony, he threw the details of his speech around:

I emphasized that my choice to receive Tiradentes has two major symbolisms. A first appreciation for professional journalism, I was recently attacked By evil politicians who try to discredit the press and weaken democracy. The second is the fact that the honor is given to a gay man and how this indicates recognition of our existence. And the possibility of every LGBTQIA+ occupying that space.

Check out the press post: