January 28, 2023

TV news “Run to the Roof”

Globo’s correspondent in Italy since 1999, Ilze Scamparini will have a long day this Saturday (31). journalist, Vatican expert behind the sceneswas selected to participate in Coverage of the death of Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (1927-2022).

From early morning, when the priest’s death was confirmed, Ilze began appearing live on Globo and GloboNews programmes. On the Internet, the end of the reporter’s peace became one of the most commented on topics of the day.

“God forgive me for the joke, but there goes Ilze Scamparini climbing a rooftop in Rome,” a Twitter profile joked. Netizen Nelson Cesare wrote: “They put Ilze Scamparini to work on the last day of the year.” Pobi “Ilze”.

“Ilze Scamparini thought she was going to have New Year’s Eve, but the Pope died and there she had to surface to announce it,” a user identified as Hana noted on the web.

“Ilze Scamparini worked hard at the end of the year. She, who has been in the nominations of the last two popes, and the favorite Italian reporter known throughout the Vatican,” exclaimed the netizen.

Ilze and the roof of Rome

The journalist has become popular among netizens because of Apparitions at locations overlooking the rooftops of Rome. The journalist is amused by the comments about this peculiarity, but explains that there is a reason why the panoramic view of the Italian sky was chosen in her reporting.

“I spent many years recording standing on the ground [jargão jornalístico para a aparição breve do repórter]. However, over time, the number of articles per day has increased. So, you have to have a stable place to do your parking, and we got this great terrace right there,” Ilze explained, in an interview with the news in this year.

One of the main scenarios for correspondent entries is The balcony built by the architect Francesco Borromini (1599-1667). “We give it [a vista] With a kiss, it’s a gift we give to Brazilians.”

“If you look at it, the American correspondents, the Italians, show up behind the chroma key, a piece of green or blue cloth and put a picture behind them. Not us! We have a real balcony made by Borromini, who was an architect and a secular artist.”

See the implications for Ilze’s action on Benedict’s death below: