December 6, 2023
TV news "works six times"

TV news “works six times”

After hospitalization for 150 days, Chiquinho Scarpa is in great pain during the recovery process. This Sunday (21), the businessman and bon-vivant spoke about his hospital care and explained that he underwent surgery six times to treat diverticulitis.

“I had surgery six times in a row. One on Monday, the other on Tuesday, it was kind of an opening and closing. They continued, in successive ways, until the doctors said, ‘No more surgery!'” , Scarpa said in an interview with Sunday Spectacular, via Record.

In an interview with reporter Raul Dias Filho, the millionaire said that he went to the hospital because he was suspected of having a urinary tract infection. However, doctors found that the condition was diverticulitis and that the disease worsened after adhesion to the bladder.

“I’ve lost eight kilos of muscle mass and that’s hard to recover. I’m in so much pain. Also, my voice isn’t right because I feel pain when I speak. They come and go,” he explained.

According to Scarpa, in the recovery periodHe is able to do “everything he did before, but with very little weight”. “So, weight training, instead of lifting 30 kilograms, I am carrying two kilograms. You have to go slowly to achieve that recovery. It will take some time, but I will get there,” he added.

At 70, the businessman is still single. He promised, “No girlfriend can stand in the hospital. They’re on vacation, and I’m here, free and alone, waiting for recovery so I can go back to work again.”

Scarpa too Public update on the fate of the inheritance. “My inheritance is two sisters. I wanted to make a will so that my property would remain with them,” he said.