February 1, 2023
TV news "You ruined my health"

TV news “You ruined my health”

Alexander Nero is now seen as a TV heartthrob, playing a magician steno in Transit🇧🇷 However, the actor admitted that he never imagined himself in this place, not least because, in his youth, he didn’t take good care of his health and didn’t have a hearty body. Nero revealed that his lifestyle was very free-spirited.

“My children saved my life in every way. I lived in the revelry, the nightlife and the drinking. Life for me was a party. That was until after Noah was born.” [hoje com sete anos]He said, in an interview with Extra newspaper, this Sunday (11).

“I need to exercise, I’m 52, it makes a difference carrying my kids, climbing stairs, having sex. My health ends up touching the night. It’s been 20 years. It’s surreal, you drink every day, you go to eat in It’s 4 a.m. and you go to bed at 5 a.m. and you get up at noon. It’s such a crazy life, you think it’s really cool when you’re young. I’m honored to be able to escape from it,” said the actor, who is also a singer.

Not only did he run away, but he underwent a series of treatments for his body, such as a consultation with an endocrinologist, nutritional education and physical exercise. The result is a dismembered corpse, which he now flaunts in nude photos on social media.

“This sweetheart, shirtless thing is new to me. I’m an ex-chubby guy. So I’m enjoying my first and maybe last moment. Because I know it’s here now. And then there’s that boy from fifth grade who was bullied. I think, ‘Oh, I’m going to show I’m skinny.'” Already, and that it’s worth it, dried up and stuff, because the network likes that too,” he explained.

In Travessia, the character Nero is one of the audience’s favorites. repeats The romantic couple with Giovanna Antonelli, and the dynamic between the two continues to fuel the scene. The actor looked into the issue of chemistry with the actress, but stressed that it’s much more than that.

“They talk a lot about chemistry, and it seems like something that falls from the sky. They ignore the work so much. It’s all thought out and discussed. And in whatever short time we can, we’re there rehearsing the script. She’s a workaholic, like me, enough talking from the scene in 220.” Nobody rivals Giovanna in speaking and having ideas,” he said.