September 28, 2023
Twitter will auction chairs, tables and coffee machines from the company's headquarters in the US

Twitter will auction chairs, tables and coffee machines from the company’s headquarters in the US

Elon Musk’s Twitter overhaul Even the furniture in the company’s headquarters did not allow them to escape this action. The company bids Furniture, appliances and decorative items From the company’s head office in San Francisco, USA. The minimum bid for the products is $25 and bidding will open on January 13, 2023

The event will feature online bidding and is expected to last for one day – on the house’s website, The Heritage Global Partners, can participate till January 18. The site also provides the address of the company’s main headquarters, indicating which customers can visit the office to view the products.

Among the items, in addition to chairs and tables, are decorative pieces such as screens, ice machines, industrial ovens, projectors and a statue of a blue bird, the symbol of Twitter.

At the lowest prices, you can find consumer espresso machines for US$25. At the most expensive, the minimum cut for an office chair is US$ 1,250. However, the move was characterized as repeated at the company by the auction house, citing a similar incident at the social network’s UK headquarters.

“They were sold for US$44 billion and now we’re selling some chairs, tables and computers,” a Heritage representative told US magazine Fortune. “So if anyone really thinks that the proceeds from selling a few computers and chairs is going to pay there mountain (of bills), they’re a fool.”

Since Musk acquired the company in late October, Twitter has seen a dramatic change in its structure. The The company laid off half of its employees Millionaire’s first week means work and strict rules Hundreds of employees wanted to leave the company🇧🇷

However, “hardcore” commitment orders, including long face-to-face hours in the office, left the company empty. In addition to staffing issues, Twitter is still struggling to monetize Monthly subscription for users to have exclusive tools and validation badge🇧🇷 This move has already been retracted several times and has yet to be definitively released by Twitter.