March 30, 2023
Two months later, a woman discovers that her neighbor died in the apartment

Two months later, a woman discovers that her neighbor died in the apartment

American Reagan Bailey said, in videos posted to her TikTok profile, that it took about two months to find out that her neighbor had died inside an apartment next to her in Los Angeles, United States.

“I slept three feet from a dead neighbor for eight weeks during the quarantine. I hope it’s a lie,” he said.

She said it during a new epidemic Corona VirusIn May 2020, she started to smell strange and nauseous, in addition to noticing an increase in the number of insects in his 23 m² apartment.

“I was having headaches, I wasn’t really sleeping all night, I was really nauseous and honestly we all got over it because I got kind of lonely and a little crazy during quarantine, just like everyone else.” , She said.

Reagan said he warned the building manager about the smell, but there was no reaction. According to her, the smell reminded her of a dead fish – causing her to wonder what could have happened.

“I started thinking my neighbor’s dog who lived on my right had died or something had happened, but the official told me I couldn’t start knocking on the neighbors’ door and bothering them,” he said.

According to Reagan, the smell gets worse when it’s windy. She explained that the structure of the building, like that of old American hotels, and the location of her apartment, at the end of the corridor and only two doors close together, made her smell even more intense.

“I had a really bad feeling that something was wrong and the smell was a lot worse every time it was a storm. But remember, we’re in the middle of an epidemic and we’ve been home 24/7, so I guess we got used to it,” he evaluated.

Concerned, Reagan called her boyfriend a few weeks later. He also smelled strong and felt ill. Despite insisting with the official, she said she was not answered and even called the police, who gave them 48 hours to go to the scene if the situation was not resolved.

However, protests were underway over the death of George Floyd, and Reagan said he did not return the call to the police, considering that his situation at the time was “the least of anyone’s concern.”

The stalemate began to unravel when the woman persuaded the official to send a maintenance worker. He said, “He hardly went up the stairs. He took off his mask and said, ‘I’ll get the master key, someone is dead.'” However, he did not return.

Then Reagan called the police again, who went to the building to see what was going on in the apartment next door. “The policeman turned the handle and opened the door a little. The amount of insects that came out of this unit thousands of them flew out of the unit… [policiais] They immediately knocked on the door and called for help.”

The woman did not clarify the age of the neighbor or the possible cause of his death. The local police have not yet reported the incident to US newspapers, which republished the story. But Reagan said the astonishment at the situation was general.

“To cut a long story short, they said this was the worst decomposing body they’ve ever encountered, and they see a lot of decomposing bodies. I won’t go into too much detail about that, especially in terms of the person’s privacy, but let’s just say they were liquefied and were basically a skeleton in this stage,” he finished.