February 6, 2023

Two pieces of news help Douglas Costa return to Gremio

Two new cases could help Douglas Costa in his mission to return to Grêmio. I’ll include both of them here:

  • The first is Suarez’s signature. If, by chance, something went wrong, the trend wouldn’t have the slightest possibility of buying a scolding of this magnitude with the fans. Now, with the company’s massive morale, the directors can at least consider bringing in the guy because they know they’ve earned the credit for Gremistas.
  • The second was the public appearance of Douglas himself admitting his mistake and apologizing to Grimista fans. And yes, I did. This Monday, an interview with Duda Garbi will air with the player admitting and apologizing for his mistakes.

Of course, all of this goes a long way toward improving the chance of a return. However, I here again report that Douglas spent three hours last Thursday at Chief Guerra’s house and did not send anything. There he admitted his mistakes and asked to return, but they did not hit the hammer with anything. Only now, after Suarez, will the president talk to football and see what to do. we have to wait.